Become a Depot and help others in need right in your own community!

I am sitting in my office looking at a map of Calgary. A city of a million people is an expanse of quadrants and communities. And within every neighborhood, there is someone in need. The face of the food bank is anyone, anywhere but I wonder how we can reach everyone. Then I remember the incredible generosity of this city and that you don’t know until you ask: Will you be a satellite depot for the Calgary Food Bank?

We are in need of hamper distribution depots in order to make emergency food accessible for families and individuals in various neighborhoods throughout the city. Because of our main warehouse location in the SE industrial area, it can be extremely challenging for some to pick-up their hampers. This is where a depot location becomes an important part of the distribution process.

What is required?

  • Are you accessible by transit, foot or car
  • Do you have a space to store and distribute hampers
  • Can you operate for two hours
  • Do you have double doors where a pallet can be moved through
  • Do you have refrigeration
  • Can you manage volunteers during distribution
  • Will you sign a memorandum of understanding

What we can do?

Then Calgary Food Bank wants to make being a depot seamless and stress-free.

  • We will screen, qualify and book clients
  • We build and deliver the hampers
  • We will recruit, train and schedule volunteers
  • We can create flexible distribution hours
  • We will create and provide depot signage

Ready to  help? Visit our website and fill out an application form at Or call Selby Quinn at 403-253-2059 ext 201 today!

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