20 Ugly (produce) ducklings turned into beautiful swans!

1. Ugly produce can be beautiful

2. But often, they don't even get a chance to be bought

3. Grocery stores want picture-perfect produce

4. Mainstream consumers want the best produce possible

5. But best doesn't always mean prettiest

6. (But it can mean cutest!)

7. Often these weirdly shaped veggies get tossed

8. 10% of North America's greenhouse gas emissions come from producing produce that's never eaten

9. 40% of all the food we produce in Canada equates to "terminal’ food waste."

10. Which means it's either thrown in a landfill or used for compost

11. We love composting, but we definitely dislike landfills

12. Especially when we see so many hungry people at the food bank

13. 43% of whom are children

14. Which, is 7% above the national average of 36% of food bank clients

15. And fresh produce is really hard to come by in a food bank

16. But we leverage our food industry partnerships to get as much as we can

17. Sometimes the produce is perfect, fresh and clean

18. Sometimes it's a fruit we've never seen or a veggie that's a little strange

19. But we love it just the same, and so do our clients!

20. We are grateful for what we get, especially if we're stopping food from hitting a landfill

Do you love fresh produce?

So do our clients!

We are always accepting fresh donations at our warehouse location (5000 11 Street SE), and non-perishables all over the city!

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