This client ‘thank you’ letter will warm your heart!

We often get asked to describe the kinds of people who come to the food bank, and we always respond with: “Look in the mirror,” because stereotypes don’t work here.

Our clients are our neighbours, friends, family members. They come from all walks of life, all areas of the city, all heritages, all socioeconomic backgrounds, all shapes, sizes, abilities, and life situations.

One in 11 Calgarians has comes to us every year for emergency food assistance, and we always love hearing from them! This client sent us a ‘thank you’ note from their time here, and we literally passed it around the office, beaming!

Dear Calgary Food Bank,

Today was the first time I used the food bank, I had volunteered a couple times before and I must say I was overwhelmed. What an amazing service you all provide.

All the volunteers had a smile on their face and were super friendly. I was overwhelmed by all the food being handed out, even though there was a lot of people, there was no skimping on food for anyone, seriously I don’t think my kitchen has ever had so much.

I’m so grateful for the food bank, I’ve always managed to get by, never thinking I would need a service like the food bank but sometimes life happens and I’m not sure how I would have managed to feed my child nutritious food this month without the food bank.

And of course there would be no food bank without the amazing volunteers! Thank you so much all of you, for your time and generosity.

I just really wanted to send a message to say THANK YOU!!!!!! I appreciate everything everyone there has done!

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