Rush to Make a Difference

Every day, we see so much generosity come through our doors. But, it’s not every day we receive mail from the iconic rock band Rush, with a generous charitable donation attached.

Rush hit the stage on July 15 and from every paid admission, one dollar was donated to us. After we got over our initial star-stricken frenzy over the Canadian rock bank, we found out that this generosity is no new thing for Rush.

Alex Lifeson, Rush guitarist, discussed in a CTV interview in March about the importance of giving back and the band’s generosity is, “Just something that you’re supposed to do. We don’t make a big deal about it.”

At the Juno Awards that took place this past Spring , the band was honoured with the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award. The annual award recognizes Canadian artists who have “positively enhanced the social fabric” of the country, according to the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Rush members didn’t grow up wealthy, but Lifeson says they have had an amazing career as a band, but they were all raised with the importance of charity.

“It just seems right to give back. Move it forward,” says Lifeson.

Among their charitable donations, the group has been dedicated to countless charities and organizations of the course of their career. Rush has donated significantly to Toronto food bank, United Way, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the New Orleans-assisting Make it Right Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Alberta Flood Relief and Casey House.

We can’t thank the band enough for their help in working together to create a hunger-free Calgary and putting huge smiles on our faces.

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