Put the Boots to Hunger 2015: Day Seven

We’re ramping up to the last weekend of Stampede and Put the Boots to Hunger, and we can’t believe all the events we’ve been to so far! In seven days, we’ve been to lunches, BBQs, breakfasts, rodeos and chuckwagons galore. Stampede 2015 is turning into one our busiest yet!


On July 8, we found out from our warehouse staff that we were running short on some of our most needed items, the most urgently needed being peanut butter.

We put a call out on social media and contacted some of our food industry donors to see if we could fill the gap.

Within 24 hours of the email and social media blasts, we heard from one of our regular donors, Chicken on the Way‘s Russ Dunn! He had 30 cases of peanut butter in a truck headed straight for the Calgary Food Bank.

If you don’t know how much peanut butter that is, it’s a lot. In just one case, there are a dozen jars of peanut butter. That’s 360 jars, or 450 pounds, of peanut butter!

We are shocked, grateful and incredibly thankful to Chicken on the Way and all of our donors and volunteers who come to our aid when we need it most.

Summer is usually a slow time of year for donations, even though the need for emergency food is still steady. Today, our peanut butter level went from zero to 360 and that makes the world of difference to our clients.


The Day 7 sponsor for the Put the Boots to Hunger chuckwagon race is Golder Associates. Along with their sponsorship, they get an evening in the sponsors tent, a personal barn tour from our driver Gary Gorst, and seats in the infield to watch the action!

After coming in second last night, Gary is currently in 7th place out of 36 drivers, a three place jump up from his previous 10th place position. To qualify for the semi-finals on Saturday, Gary has to make top eight in Friday’s race. He said his main goal right now is to make sure he lands in that top eight!

Logan Gorst, Gary’s son, is currently in 3rd, and Gary said he couldn’t be happier for him!


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