Put the Boots to Hunger 2015: Day Four


Wow, what a weekend we had! So many pancake breakfasts, fundraisers and fun at the chuckwagons. Put the Boots to Hunger is going off without a hitch and we want to thank all the generous Calgarians and visitors for their donations over the weekend.

Attendance has been high and the people have been more generous than ever before! It goes to show that despite the layoffs and slumping economy, we are pulling ourselves back up by our bootstraps and helping our neighours.

There are more free Stampede Breakfasts going on this week and into the weekend. Find them here and bring a non-perishable food donation with you! Put the Boots to Hunger this Stampede!


Before Stampede started, we heartily accepted an invitation to join Encana in their annual Stampede BBQ and fundraiser aptly named Race Against Hunger.

The event saw some live music, pulled pork sandwiches (a Stampede classic) and we were there accepting food and money donations forPut the Boots to Hunger! Even our CEO James McAra gave a speach about Stampede and the importance of helping our neighbours. He even borrowed his son’s cowboy hat for the occasion! But he wants you to know the boots are his, of course.

Encana has been working with us for years and their dedication to helping their community is so incredibly genuine and they always try to have fun in everything they do. Whether it’s volunteering on our sorting line or throwing a fundraiser on a beautiful Stampede morning.

Thank you Encana for Putting the Boots to Hunger!


Tonight, our sponsor for our Put the Boots to Hunger chuckwagon race is ISL Engineering and Land Services!

Our driver Gary Gorst, who came in first two of the three races so far, is still racing on a borrowed wagon after his axel broke on the first day. Despite that misfortune, Gary said he is confident he came come out on top!


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