A little art goes a long way

It’s no surprise that we go to a lot a cheque presentations. But when we found out a daycare raised money, donated food and wanted us to join them for a cheque presentation, we knew something adorable was about to happen.

We were right.


day care donation1Bright Path Kids Daycare in Midnapore just wrapped up their month-long finger paint art auction to raise money for the Food Bank. So, basically, kids from the day care auctioned off their art to their own parents and the dollars raised came here.

It’s genius, we know!

Lynn Merilees, childcare assistant, cook and bus driver, a.k.a. woman of many talents, says that some parents were paying upwards of $50 for their own child’s artwork because, really, how could the parents give up the chance to buy their little Picasso’s work, all while donating to a great cause?

Maria Vardy, both a mother of a Bright Path child and an employee at Bright Path, says she paid $15 for her son’s art. At the end of the month, her and her son presented a beautiful, handmade cheque to the Calgary Food Bank.

day care donation2When we visited the daycare, the children were very excited to see people from the Food Bank and they were surprisingly aware of how their hard work was going to help. It just goes to show how, even from such a young age, kids understand what is going on in their community.

In total the daycare raised $949.25, not to mention the boxes upon boxes of donated non-perishables, all thanks to a bunch of little hands and the generosity of their parents.

Although there was an “end” date to the auction, art is still being bid on and money will continue to trickle in until everything is sold.

We want to give a huge thanks to Bright Path Kids Daycare in Midnapore for their generous contribution to the Calgary Food Bank. The money and food donations will help feed many Calgarians, 43% of them kids themselves.

Want to start your own food drive or fundraiser? Let us help!

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